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City Harvest

Energy Services

With the risks of climate change being at the forefront of our thoughts, our highly skilled team of engineers are at the forefront of the fight to achieve a carbon neutral future. Everything we do is centered around energy conservation and energy efficient design.

Our team is proud to have LEED certified professionals that are willing to go above and beyond to advise our clients on how to achieve net-zero emission structures and how to upgrade their existing facilities to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and encourage sustainable design throughout the life cycle of the building.

Energy Modeling

  • Energy Code Compliance

  • Performance Modeling

  • Daylighting Simulation

  • CFD Modeling

  • Energy Analysis


  • Renewable Energy 

  • Heat Pumps

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Energy Storage

  • EV Charging


  • Retro commissioning

  • Enhanced commissioning

  • Energy Audits

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Special Inspections

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